Order Forms

Snackerz Order Forms

To place your order online, please download and save the PDF Order forms below.  When completed, e-mail the PDF forms to

2 for $1 Order Form
99 Cents Order Form
Extreme Value / Pork Rinds / Duros Order Form

Snackerz UPC List

2 for $1 UPC List
$99 Cent UPC List
$1.99 UPC List

Snackerz Credit Documents

Credit Application Form
Credit Card Authorization Form

Snackerz Flyers

2 for $1 Flyer
99 Cents Flyer
Extreme Value Flyer
Porkrinds / Duros Wheels Flyer
Snackerz Sour Belts Flyer

Case Configurations

2 for $1 Case Configuration for Pallets

Snackerz Rack Information

Snackerz Rack Information